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Association for Development and Education

ASODE, the Association for Development and Education, was registered on January 28, 2004 in Cabudare, Lara, Venezuela as a civil non-profit organization. Its objectives include the establishment of an institution of higher learning, and design, develop and implement plans, programs and projects that are intended for intellectual, scientific, moral and cultural development through formal and informal education at different levels of preschool , primary, secondary and higher education. Its programs include specific objectives in the areas of health education, training of rural development workers, the development of indigenous, peasant and social welfare in general.

ASODE has concentrated its efforts on two projects at the level of basic education. The first relates to the law that promotes community service by college students. In collaboration with Luis Dolan Chair of Interreligious and Intercultural Education for Peace in the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences of the Central University of Venezuela, ASODE prepared learning materials for workshops and practice of values ​​for living and building a culture of peace. In this project " Children in a World of Peace " more than 30 students from the School of Anthropology have been trained to help children aged 7 to 9 years to develop the virtues that will strengthen their inner life. A similar version of this project has been established in collaboration with the University College of Barquisimeto Francisco de Miranda where a group of more than 40 education students have been trained to work on the development of values ​​among children in the region.

In another area of service, ASODE collaborates with the Department of Education of the Sucre Municipality of Miranda State for teacher training in six public schools in order to take advantage of the system "Focusing on Virtues". This set of activities for the classroom and the home is based on a computer game and cards that helps children from 10 to 14 years to develop a systematic way 24 virtues that strengthen internal control ability and commitment to the positive aspects of their environment. This project has received contributions from private companies and is related to the Law on Science, Technology and Innovation. It has impacted over 500 children.

At university level ASODE has trained the University of “Colegio Universitario Fermin Toro” students, preparing them for “Service to the Community” projects. More than 80 students participated in the training courses offered by ASODE and with the cooperation of Community Councils have offered moral education classes to children.

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