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Children and youth are the most precious resource a community has. Learn Across Borders places great emphasis on the moral and intellectual education of children and youth, with a focus on developing a sense of world citizenship and a lifelong commitment to serve humanity. For this purpose we implement the “Children Moral Education Program” and “Junior Youth Empowerment Program” using curriculums prepared by the Bahai community for spiritual and intellectual education of the children and youth and applied throughout the world with great success:

Moral education for children

Moral education program for children is intended to nurture spiritually vibrant and healthy young people who will grow up without prejudice and with a positive, powerful sense that they have a role to play in serving humanity.

Junior youth empowerment

The purpose of this program is to reach the junior youth population mainly between the age 11 to 15 to empower them and assist them to release their potential so they become the agents of change and work towards the transformation of society while at the same time experience their own personal growth. The Junior Youth Empowerment Program develops skills in verbal and written expression, reading and comprehension, science and math, life in society, service to the community, and arts. The program also helps them discover their latent talents and plan for their future.

During the 3 years of study and practice the youth develop a sense of responsibility and nobility and contribute to community life by performing acts of service.

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